The Staff

Quality education begins with those who work in the classroom with the children. In our¬†schools, the individual responsible for the class is the Directress. She serves in a role that parallels the role of a teacher in a conventional classroom. However, the difference between the two is more than one of terminology. Unlike a teacher, a Directress in a Montessori class does not impose her program on the students. The Directress remains in the background, observing the child’s activities, presenting lessons and coming forward at critical times to redirect their activities. Working successfully with children in this manner requires a great deal of skill and training.

Our Directresses have all been trained for their duties, and meet State of Maryland standards for Montessori Directresses.

Our Assistants work with the Directresses in the classroom and carry the Montessori philosophy through to our full day program. Both Directresses and Assistants receive extensive training to meet the requirements of Ms. Julia Brown.