Laurel Campus When I first sought out Montessori education for my kids, I started by reading reviews online. There were so many contradictory reviews that I did not know what to think. We decided to go in and do a tour for ourselves for my 3 year old daughter. We are so glad we did. My daughter, who has been going to Julia brown for almost a year, has thrived so much, it's unbelievable. She speaks so well about the staff and the environment. In fact, my son who is 2 hears so much about school and how much fun learning is and he is looking forward to starting in the upcoming year. As a full time mom, I know how much dedication it takes to guide children into having a better future. We highly recommend this school for parents who are looking to put their kids through a Montessori style education.
Helina Fox-Rabinovitz
OUR SECOND FAMILY I cannot even begin to say enough about this school. Our son started in the Toddler program when he was 18 months old. We had start seeing some delays at home and hoped a classroom environment would help him catch up. While he did start making some progress it soon became clear something else was going on. We ended up getting an Autism diagnosis and we could not be happier with how the school has handled it. They have implemented his therapy methods and tools into the classroom and have completely adapted to his way of learning. He has made more progress than we or his therapists could have hoped for with the help of the amazing staff at the school. Instead of being treated as broken and being ignored, instead he is treated as the special individual he is. The staff always praises any progress he makes and focuses on his strengths instead of things he may have trouble with. The incredible amount of love he gets from everyone at the school is overwhelming. The students at the school are also incredible. They are all loving and accepting of our son and his differences. They go out of their way to interact with him and help him when needed. He has made incredible friends there and has made wonderful progress with socializing because of that. This school really has become our family. We all work together to make sure my son is successful. I could not have asked for a better learning environment for my son and we look forward to being a part of the school family for many years to come.
K. Hofer
I would like to thank all the teachers and administration for making our son's time at JBS so enjoyable and special. He really had fun with you guys.
R. Hall
We are truly grateful for the education and fun environment created by the JBMS staff. Our son has a great time with his friends and teachers. We will be back to our JBMS family in the Fall.
I attended Julia Brown Montessori School when it was in the apartment. I remember the apt complex where we had class off Main Street in Laurel.  You had to drive downhill to get in there.  I remember where Mrs. Brown lived. We either went to a picnic at her house or walked past her house on a walking field trip. My number one most memorable memory is learning how to carry scissors! Thank you and congratulations on your 50 year anniversary!
I just wanted to congratulate you on 50 years and thank you. Our daughter Rebecca, now 39, was with you in Laurel from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Among her teachers were Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Lorsong. I can't speak highly enough about how wonderful her time at Julia Brown was and how well it prepared her. So congratulations and a very belated thank you.
Henry Nathan
I just wanted to congratulate you on 50 years and than you. Our daughter Rebecca, now 39, was with you in Laurel from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Among her teachers were Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Lorsong. She attended Barrie from 4th grade until graduation. I can't speak highly enough about how wonderful her time at Julia Brown was and how well it prepared her. So congratulations and a very belated thank you.
Henry Nathan
As an alumni from the Julia Brown Schools and now as a Junior at the University of Maryland, I owe my passion for learning, my work ethic, and ability to work in diverse groups to the experiences I had at the Julia Brown Schools. A Montessori education does not give your child a desk and a list of facts to memorize for an exam. A Montessori education hands you a mat and teaches you to be independent. . As a kid, I was genuinely excited to go to The Julia Brown Schools every day to learn. The skills I learned at Montessori school exceed beyond the classroom setting and prepared me for life. As a parent, you have the choice to give your child the gift of an amazing education.  A Montessori education is the gift that keeps on giving.  (Thanks MOM)
Congratulations on 50 years of Montessori in Laurel! What a wonderful accomplishment. Our family appreciates all you do and who you are! Well done!
The McAuliffe's
It was so great to see this week's Laurel Leader give you and your life's works the well-deserved recognition you have worked so hard to achieve. What a tribute to the vision you and Charlie first had and the success you have had in changing the lives of thousands of our youth. I will always be deeply grateful for the faith, support and guidance you and Charlie had in me. I believe in the value of public service and would never been able to serve without your belief in me in the beginning. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family. Best Wishes, Marty
Martin Madden
I like my school. I wish I didn't have to leave. I have a lot of friends there and we like playing together. I'm in second grade. We make a lot of projects and when it is sunny and nice outside we get extra play time. There are many fun and different works in our classroom and we play lots of games after lunch. I am happy to let you know how much I like this school!
Junior Student
As parents of a 2 year old, who recently went to an in-home daycare, we were nervous to start our child in an official toddler program. We were unsure of program expectations, how she would interact with other children and listen to her teachers, and most of all her level of excitement and happiness with the change. Over the past two months at Julia Brown Montessori School we are thrilled to discover what a positive academic and social environment it is for our daughter. She has always had very clingy tendencies, but the focus on self-care has taught her independence. In addition her language and fine motor skills have developed tremendously and amazes us with the methodological she takes to solving problems. Furthermore, her excitement in making friends and learning with other children has given her the confidence to build those relationships outside of school. All of the JBMS staff are very friendly, welcoming and informative as the feedback provided during the parent-teacher conferences was very beneficial to understanding to what our daughter does and how she acts during the day. Overall the combination of the Montessori teaching philosophy, outstanding teachers and supportive parents makes JBMS an ideal place to nurture young minds.
Another pleased toddler parent
We are grateful that our son was a part of the first toddler class at the Julia Brown School in Olney. After doing extensive research on different types of schools in the area, my husband and I knew the Montessori model of teaching was the right choice for our young independent child. We quickly learned not all Montessori schools embody the same interpretation of the core principles and the learning environments can be vastly different. The calm and nourishing environment at The Julia Brown Schools amplified our son's love of learning and interest in demonstrating his independence. We are most grateful to the staff that worked with us to address concerns regarding our son's delayed expressive language skills (i.e., speech development). The teachers were supportive and took extra steps to ensure the learning environment at school matched our family goals at home. The Administrator clearly communicated his progress while also helping us identify additional areas of improvement. Julia Brown has given a great amount of time, attention and love to our son's development and we have seen huge improvements week to week. We are thankful the Julia Brown family recognized there was a need for an enhanced learning environment for young toddlers in the community. As I am sure many would agree the first few years are critical to child development and intellect, and we are happy to have started our learning journey at this fantastic school.
4/20/15 I want to provide feedback on the Olney toddler program and then subsequently on the Laurel primary program. I enrolled my daughter in January 2015 after having a nanny for the first year of her life and then attending a home daycare from age 1 to 2. I evaluated MANY preschools and daycare programs in between, including JBMS. I ultimately decided upon the toddler program in Olney as it appeared to be the most peaceful, engaged, clean and friendly environment from all that I had seen. I asked so many questions on the tour and was met with only openness and kindness. The management and staff were all so welcoming and understanding of our needs. When she officially started the program the teachers and administrator were very forthcoming with updates and communication. I called several times in her first week and was encouraged to "pop-in" at anytime to see her and ensure she was ok. By the end of the first week, my daughter was asking every morning if we were going to "my school!" She would rush into class to be embraced by her teachers and friends. By the end of the first month, she knew when we were within 5 minutes to the street to her school and would become happy and excited. Every day when I picked her up she talked about her day and sang me the songs she learned. In the few months since, she is 100% potty trained and her behavior has changed immensely in such positive ways. She is polite and happy. She is engaged and embraces trying new things and interacting socially. She already has a great sense of self and how to self-care. It is amazing to watch how happy and joyous she is when she comes home. I had no idea I would find such an amazing environment for her that would support her as an individual not just a number. I plan to keep her in your care for years to come!
The transition to Julia Brown was not an easy one for my child. Our child has had some ups and downs but through it all her teacher has been a bright spot for her. This was the first teacher she met on her first day and has really bonded with her. Her teacher's warm welcoming smile and courteous greeting every morning is appreciated not only by my child, but also by me. People are quick to speak up when they receive poor service but fail to highlight when they receive great service. I'd like to change that.
When my family relocated to Maryland last year, my aunt recommended JBS for my children, as she had a wonderful experience with her daughter at Julia Brown. It was the best decision we could have made. My son was four when he started and my daughter was two. My son has adapted very quickly and was welcomed with loving arms. I love the structure and development that the program implemented and it is a perfect environment for him to thrive in. When my daughter started, she was one of the first in their new toddler program. I couldn't believe how fast she was learning and how her developmental development soared. She loves school and can't wait to go in the morning. The staff are so patient with her and she feels safe. We definitely made the right decision sending them to Julia Brown Montessori and I go to work knowing that my children are very well cared for. I would like to thank all the staff for everything they do. They are all truly special.
B. Kendrick
We wanted to take the time to thank you for the 2014-2015 school year, JBMS is such a peaceful environment and we really have enjoyed the experience. We especially appreciate your help when our family experienced a job layoff. The staff are outstanding and very pleasant. We are sad to leave and can only hope that we will find a school as caring as JBMS while we are in Arizona.
Belis Family
We are writing to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful education and learning environment you and your lovely staff have provided our daughter. She has truly thrived since starting at Julia Brown and we couldn't be more thankful and pleased with everything you have done. We look forward to continuing this relationship and watching our girls thrive in your program, which we value so much. We believe in the Montessori style of education and learning and trust your institution to provide our girls with the very best in education.
Olney Family
We have had a wonderful experience at JBMS and we highly recommend the school to all our friends and acquaintances. Our child has grown tremendously during his time at your establishment, academically, socially, and emotionally. We feel that he is well prepared, if not over prepared, to begin Kindergarten this fall. We thank all the staff for all the care they gave him during his two years at Julia Brown. We look forward to enrolling our daughter in a couple of years. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.
grateful parent of a Julia Brown graduate
These past four years have been amazing for our family. Every Directress and Assistant along the way has had an impact on the development of our children. As a parent, the trust that I needed to feel in their security was fulfilled; thus allowing me to work, travel extensively and rest at ease, that they were indeed "safe in your hands." I appreciate all that everyone has done for our children, ultimately our family, I wish each and everyone of you the best.
former SS parent
Our son truly enjoyed his year at JBMS and we were so pleased to see how much he has progressed academically and socially in a short time. We are so saddened that he will miss out on the rich and wonderful Montessori experience that he was lucky enough to enjoy this past year. We will always treasure with fondness the lasting memories of his classmates and the nurturing JBMS staff. We cannot adequately express our gratitude for taking care of both our children for the last 6 years. Much success in continuing to provide the outstanding Montessori education in our area.
Kaneko Family
We decided to have our children attend the public school for Kindergarten and while they are doing well socially and are enjoying school, we feel that the education and environment does not fit well with our family values. We have high standards when it comes to education and our girls deserve the best quality education in a nurturing environment surrounded by peers who are raised with similar values and expectations. We are hoping to return to JBMS as soon as possible!
OL Parent
1/30/15 Our children have been extremely fortunate in having all of you in their lives. When we came to JBMS we were new to the Montessori method of instruction. Now, after several months, it is clear that they have been given a wonderful gift to all of you. For this we are so thankful. It is clear to us that you all care very much about the kids at JBS and that you take pride in your work and in your environment. As a parent this means so much. We will miss you all and will never forget our time at JBMS.
former SS parent
Our daughter loves her friends, her work, and the classroom experience, and we are very grateful for your leadership in keeping everything running smoothly for the children. Our kids are learning so much! Our son races home to do his spelling work and is excited to report whenever he has a new lesson. It is clear that the Directresses and Assistants really take the time to get to know the students on an individual basis. Our kids take great pride in their work and cannot wait to get home on Fridays to show me their work. They love giving their little sister lessons and teaching her sign language; she will be well prepared when she enters JBS. Thank you again for all you do!
Temney Family
We really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts; we love the Julia Brown program. It's been amazing watching our daughter's development since starting at age 3. You have given her a solid foundation that has prepared her for her next phase. We will miss JBS dearly.
Bullard Family
My son's experience at JBS has been wonderful! After only a few short weeks of attending JBS I noticed a huge difference in his behavior. He has always spoken very highly of the staff at JBS in Laurel. In fact, I once asked him if he had a favorite teacher at school, he looked at me very puzzled for a moment and then replied, "All of them." Yes, of course! All of the teachers have been wonderful in cultivating and helping my son not only academically but also through important life skills, developing confidence and cultivating a love of learning. His excitement and enthusiasm was particularly evident when his Kindergarten class worked on the space project and conversations at home turned to, "Mommy, did you know Jupiter is mainly made up of gas?" Another proud moment was when he displayed and described in great detail the art work mediums that he used modeled after each of the artists they had studied in class. The Administrator, Ms. Moller, is extremely professional and helpful - patiently assisting with any concern or need for all the parents and children.
G. Frigm
Your dedication and commitment does not go unnoticed. I truly appreciate everything you do. I will miss the school, the children and the staff.
We sincerely appreciate everything you have done for our son. We want to thank the Directresses and all the aides that have provided a loving, caring, and top notch educational experience for our son. Before he was enrolled at JBMS, during the first 4 years of his life, his grandmother was his primary caretaker. As you can imagine and probably have experienced numerous times, the transition of a child to his/her first school can be traumatic for the child (and the parents). Based on other experiences, we never would have thought that our son would acclimate to JBMS or any institutional setting as quickly as he did. We we will be forever grateful for your part in his development and we will enthusiastically recommend JBMS to friends and family in the area who are looking for a first-rate school for their young children.
We will be moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at the end of June and transferring to schools in the Dallas area. While we are sad to go, we appreciate the strong academic and social instruction our children have received from Julia Brown. We are certain that both of our children have the foundation they need to be successful in any academic program they move on to in the future. Thanks again for all that you have done!
AB Johnson
Our daughter's 5-years at JBMS was filled with rich and memorable experiences that we believe she will cherish as she continues her schooling. She will greatly miss all of the wonderful, thoughtful, and caring teachers and administrators that touched her life. We wish to thank you and the entire JBMS staff for providing her with a safe and nurturing environment that allowed her to achieve her full potential.
We are very impressed with the education our children have received throughout these past 6 years and will certainly miss not having them at JBMS. Our son had a wonderful teacher with extraordinary classroom control. He was very lucky to have her as his first teacher. He always came home with a smile on his face and sharing his experiences and what he learned from her! Thank you for your knowledge and expertise, for caring for all children, and for taking on the challenge of being an educator. Thanks for all of your hard work in making the program a success!
T. Gamino
7/7/2016 Good morning miss Williams, this is to inform you that my son’s last day will be July 1st. I want to thank you for giving him such a wonderful experience. As well as the tools to be successful not only school but life. We are so pleased at the boy he is growing into and we have to credit your school with being a large part of that. We will definitely promote Julia Brown to anyone who will listen and if you ever have people looking for references please feel confident that we will be strong advocates. Thank you again for all that you and your staff has done.
former SS parent
6/21/2016 We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate and 'Thank You' for all that has been done for us during our daughter's four years at JBS. Every one of the directresses and assistants our daughter had were amazing. We cannot say enough to show our gratitude. They were all attentive, patient and well-qualified. Our daughter thrived and blossomed into an independent and articulate child; much of which we attribute to her experience at JBS. We are forever grateful. We will truly miss each and every one of you...
Tadele Family
8/22/16 My experience with JBS has been very rewarding. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at JBS and your kind guidance and support. The associations I've made during my tenure here will truly be memorable for years to come. I wish JBS every success and hope our paths cross again in the future.
7/15/16 Working for the Julia Brown School, children and staff has been a most rewarding and growing professional experience for me. At this point in my life, with the coming of my new baby, it is with mixed feelings that I have decided to stay home to take care of my son. I want to thank everyone of you for giving me the opportunity and support to work with all the grades, especially the Toddlers.
L. DeMoya
I want to sincerely show my utmost gratitude for being able to work with you these past seven months. I hope I have embodied the Montessori values and used my talents to the best of my ability to carry on the Montessori tradition. I remember when interviewing with Mrs. Brown she believed that this job will help me grow as a teacher and looking back I have seen significant improvement in my abilities over the course of my time here. I have grown as a teacher, as well as a person, and my teaching philosophy has also been influenced by the Montessori values. Without the guidance and care of your school, I would not have been able to make these strides in my teaching career. Since my senior year in high school, I have had the desire to teach English abroad. Prior to my employment with Julia Brown, I applied to a few programs in Spain. I have been accepted for a position for the 2016-17 school year. I believe that accepting this position will help me reach my goals of becoming a more proficient bilingual speaker. It was a decision I did not take lightly because I genuinely felt at home here at JBS. One of the many characteristics that I enjoy at JBS is the sense of community and how each co-worker is respectful, kind and has a true interest in helping their fellow worker. Being honest and always giving constructive feedback is a great way to help create trust between co-workers. I have truly enjoyed working at JBS. It would be a pleasure if I would have the opportunity to return as a more equipped and experienced teacher.
C. Kolberg