Student Forms/Information

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The following forms are required for each student prior to enrollment:

  1. 1214_EmergForm_print and complete (must be completed annually for all students)
  2. 1216 Medication Authorization Form (to be completed when any medication (prescription or non-prescription is required to be given during school)
  3. Hearing and Vision Screening (to be completed by all Kindergarten and all new Junior students)
  4. Maryland Immunization Certification Form (DHMH 896 – February 2014)  (must be completed by all new students and updated by current students as immunizations are received)
  5. Health Inventory
  6. Lead Testing dhmh_4620_bloodleadtestingcertificate_2016

Please review:

  1. Dress Code Requirements
  2. Pack a Child’s Lunch Montessori Style
  3. Healthy School Lunches the Montessori Way
  4. 2017 Calendar – REVISED 10 5 2016