Review from August 2018


My child started attending JBS when he was almost 3.   My child came from an in-home daycare where he had been since 6 months. I was worried about the lack of parent-teacher communication every day but I found their administrator to be incredibly helpful in answering my daily questions. We stayed through their Kindergarten program since my son couldn’t go to our local school.  The school encouraged us to enroll in their Junior program but we felt transitioning at Kindergarten was better.  After several weeks, I had to call Ms. Alexander and she was so helpful and re-enrolling our son ! He was beyond grade level and was constantly saying how bored he was. The teacher called me several time to discuss his behavior and I never had that at JBS ! We are so thankful he could re-enroll and look forward to our daughter starting their Primary program in September! -Karl A.


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