Our Environment

Each of our buildings were built for the purpose they now serve – to facilitate the learning process, but not appear as institutions. It is our belief that a school should be small and friendly, not cold or impersonal.


IMGP5048Our buildings are the culmination of many years of experience in the care and education of young children. The Laurel school was originally built in 1967 and was completely renovated in 1992. It is a single story structure of 3600 square feet on a 1 1/3 acre lot with two playgrounds. The Columbia facility was completed in late 1974. This two story building has 5500 square feet of floor space on a two acre lot and was renovated in 1998. The Silver Spring location opened in 1986 and was expanded in 1994 to 9000 square feet. The Olney building, completed in September 1997, is a single story structure of 9000 square feet located on two acres of land. Each location has spacious classrooms with large windows to provide natural light into the rooms and the discovery of nature outdoors.




All of our classrooms are fully equipped with child care furnishings, Montessori apparatuses, and conventional materials appropriate for the children’s developmental stages. Each classroom is also equipped with a computer to begin an appreciation for technology. Our playgrounds are equipped to facilitate the safe development of gross motor skills.

The prepared environment of a Montessori classroom requires order and as such you will always find the classes at The Julia Brown Schools orderly and clean.