Love of Poetry

Writing poetry has been an ongoing source of
enjoyment for my whole life. It keeps me
interested and active; such a pleasure and gift.
To see nature, write about it and share what I see
and feel.
As a little girl, for an activity I would rhyme
words: play, stay, may, sway, hay etc. I would
think of rhyming words with each letter of the
alphabet: bee, me, see, tree etc. This was my first
experience with mind teasers and so began a
lifelong love of poetry.
As I grew older I began to form sentences into
short poems, for example:
“The swaying of the trees
Make the leaves fall to the yard.
That did not seem too hard
So in keeping the leaves the same again
There needs to be no wind nor rain”
Maybe because I spent so much time outdoors, I
often chose to write about nature.

“The sun is rising to see
It isn’t rising just for me.”
Then when I graduated from college and began
my career in childhood education, my writing
gravitated to the subject of children.
One of my earliest poems being, “Poem for Little
“Time to bake
My mommy says
Time to play
Splashing water
popping bubbles
This I say
Do I like it, yes
and mommy doesn’t
have to guess
Water play is so much fun
So sorry when it is done.
Mommy says “time for bed”
the story done
but if I’d won
Bedtime could be fun

We could sing
Just one more story
Play a game
But mommy says “no”
What a shame”.

Now in the older stages of life, my poetry has
evolved to reflect this period of my life; poems
“From My Rocking Chair.”

I watched two squirrels at play today
One was black, one was gray
As they twisted and turned
and climbed the tree
their act intrigued me
It is February and the trees have buds
which is very unusual.
The squirrels have only to play
not worry about the seasons
As they glide, swing and sway
I count the reasons
The reasons
enjoying the sight
and taking time to do so with ease
knowing nature at its best
can give one what one sees
graceful acts by two small squirrels
a tree blooming in February
which is such a tease
for me, it is “Thank you”
and if you please!!”

-Julia Brown


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