In-House Field Trip – February 2018

In-House Field Trip for

Kindergarten and Elementary Students

February 2018

Chunky and Friends,, is a book series that advocates healthy eating and active play while instilling self-confidence through the characters.  It teaches children that while we all in different shapes and sizes, physical appearance does not reflect the status of our health.  The ultimate goal is to ensure we all grow up healthy and strong.  Students will participate in an interactive reading of Chunky and the O-Beast, as well as participate in healthy habit discussions and activities.

During the presentation students will discuss:

  • Proper Food Portion Sizes
  • Importance of limiting excessive consumption of unhealthy foods
  • Importance of Active Play
  • The value of self-confidence as a child
  • Importance of family and friends working together to live healthier


February 15 Olney and Silver Spring

February 16 Laurel and Columbia




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