From our Columbia Junior Class – December 2017

From our Junior Class at our Columbia location

It has been an exciting and busy past few weeks as we prepared for our JR Fall Event. This year we were thrilled to present our very first talent show. Each of us was able to showcase our special talents such as singing, dancing, poetry, art, and other skills to our parents, family, and friends. We even invited our PM and K classes to join us and take part in our program.

We have been introduced to a wonderful and new year-long lesson of Computer Science. We discuss and discover what computers are, their importance to our society, how they work, and the evolution of the computer, through a variety materials and research.

The Montessori 3-part nomenclature cards help us learn more about a topic by visual picture cards, descriptions, and definitions with labels.


A student uses 3-part cards to learn the parts of the computer .










So far we have learned about Charles Babbage, the “father of computer science”, the beginning stages of programming, function, input, output, the history of the computer, and how to write our own algorithms in our computer science/coding journals!




Two students work together on a timeline of the history of the computer.








The goals of the computer science curriculum is to enhance problem solving skills, encourage students to respect and recognize the processes of actions, and to introduce the structure of the computer code.


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