“The Julia Brown Schools celebrate 50 years!”
– The Gazette, 3/2017

The Julia Brown Schools as highlighted on ABC 2 Maryland Spotlight – May 2014

From birth, children begin to develop the skills and to acquire the knowledge characteristic of adulthood. It is their greatest undertaking – developing the adult person they will become.

During a child’s early years, when he is developing his mind, he is in constant motion. Movement is the natural steady state for a young child because it is through motion that he learns.

We see children coming to grips with their environment, and we often call it play; but it is indeed work. The touching, the manipulating, the tasting, the smelling are all part of the difficult task of becoming an adult.

At The Julia Brown Schools, we work with nature, not against it, in helping your child achieve his or her goal. Our program accepts the endless energies, the creative impulses, and insatiable curiosities of the children and gradually directs their efforts into rewarding channels.

Children have a strong natural desire to learn. This desire can best be nurtured by allowing the child to choose his or her own activities and to work at his or her own pace. No one can produce a better lesson schedule than the one produced by the child’s own interests. When they are ready for each step in their development, their enthusiasm for this part of the program is obvious.  As an observer of oe of our classes you find the children choosing their own work and busily pursuing their goals. Our quiet, calm classrooms are due to the students preoccupation with their work.

Each of our buildings were built for the purpose they now serve – to facilitate the learning process, but not appear as institutions. It is our belief that a school should be small and friendly, not cold or impersonal. Our buildings are the culmination of twenty years of experience in the care and education of young children.

If you feel that your child should begin their formal education in a quiet, calm and busy atmosphere, using a method of education that took sixty years to perfect, we invite your child to join us.

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“It is the child who proves the value of this method.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

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